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The Man with the Magic Brush:Meeting Pulak Biswas

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  1. Congratulations, Payal, I know how hard you have worked to put this all together, God Bless....

  2. Beautifully made film, Payal. And how lucky for you to have caught him when you did. What a joy this was! Full of magical art that leaps out of the page and also insights into the art establishment...loved the anecdote about Maya from Mohenjo-daro :-)

    1. Thanks a lot MJ! He was so open and generous to us. Glad to know that you enjoyed the film. Please do share the link!

  3. This is quite fab! Bengali, art and children's stories- I had to see this! There are those Roald Dahl illustrations, and then there are his! I like the background sounds too! :D

  4. Thanks Ritu! Early morning bustle of the Biswas household :)

  5. Wow I am doing some research on Indian Children Book Illustrations and the CBT Book Cover came up bringing back old memories. Thank You so much for compiling these together.